Pastor Verell Nelson

Executive Director​

CCSA Office
​1023 N. Pine Street

San Antonio TX 78202 
         Telephone:  210-460-2676               



PRO-active:  Putting forth vision that will seek to not only respond but head off issues. 

PRO-phetic:  A voice piece for God providing spiritual perspective on issues we face. 

PRO-ductive:  God empowering us to make a difference in our community, city, state and nation. 

PRO-gressive:  Building upon our positive tradition and moving forward through confrontation, collaboration and compromise.   


Our History


​​​​The Community of Churches for Social Action is a 501c(3) organization made up of a coalition of interdenominational churches who have come together to enhance and enrich the condition of our city by bringing a prophetic voice and providing services such as economic development, housing, ,education, and supportive services to those traditionally under-served and/or live in disadvantaged communities.

 Community of Churches for Social Action

June 11, 2020, Community of Churches for Social Action held a press conference at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church to release a statement on the killing of George Floyd and acts of violence inflicted upon African Americans by Police Officers. 
Press Conference   Read Full Press Release

CCSA Board of Directors unanimously voted YES to support Proposition B and strongly encourage all who believe in TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY of our Police Department to do the same.

Gayle Johnson

Scholarship Director