CCSA Officers



         Chairman, Dr. Jerry Wm. Dailey.                                   Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church




        Vice Chairman, Bishop. Geoffrey Stirrup                        Dominion Church of God In Christ


           Secretary, Rev. Otis I. Mitchell                                     Mt. Zion First Baptist Church

          Treasurer, Rev. Charles M. Biggs                                   St. Stephen Baptist Church

Member Churches

How we Organized

Founded in 1999 by Rev. Dr. E. Thurman Walker, the Community of Churches for Social Action (CCSA) is a coalition of pastors who came together in an unprecedented way – including themselves among other unique faith-based initiatives across this country that are making steam roller impacts – and who cross denominational lines.  CCSA is designed to be the empowered voice that speaks into being that which the Lord desires for His people in ways that are beneficial blessings for all. CCSA believes God has called them into a coalition relationship to support and encourage persons, organizations, and structures, which are trying to make life better for people, and to challenge and change those systems that promote spiritual, economic, and social poverty in our communities.

Community of Churches
Social Action